J&C Wish List

Contact us if you have something you would like to donate.

Wish List

  • LG G5 Friends 360 Camera LG-R105 
  • Pyle-Pro PDWM2100 Dual Wireless Handheld Microphone System  
  • Two (2) Pyle-Pro PMKS5 Compact Base Black Microphone Stand  
  • Good-quality white boards that erase easily
  • Lots of SD cards for cameras
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Replacement keyboards and mice for Mac computers
  • Mac desktop computers
  • Sound proofing material to cover the seven windows between the computer lab and Ms. Mattingly’s room approx. 3′ x 3′ each
  • Tele promoters for Manual A.M.
  • Broadcasting Desk for Manual A.M.
  • Trophy Case to display all the amazing awards our students earn
  • Nice backdrops for Manual a.m. (e.g. Skyline of Louisville, photos of Manual)
  • Foldable, lightweight hand carts that can hold at least a minimum of 150 lbs for moving boxes of yearbooks and magazines (example)
  • DSLR Cameras
  • Boom Microphones
  • Tripods and Feet for Tripods
  • Boom Microphones
  • Adobe Suite packages for each Manual AM student (This will allow students to edit video packages at home and would dramatically improve the publication’s out put.)
  • Money for travel scholarships for students of low-income families